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Personalized Feng Shui Reading for your home

Are you beset with a Feng Shui predicament that you cannot handle? We will provide the solution to your Feng Shui dilemma. Privacy is assured. Each personalized Feng Shui reading is priced at only USD 68.99.

Our personalized feng shui reading comprises of a 14-page report and will include:

  1. Your personal kua number
  2. Personalized feng shui rituals for good luck and overcoming obstacles.
  3. Individual Eight Mansions analysis
  4. Flying Star Natal Chart analysis for your home/office
  5. Annual remedies and enhancers for good luck in the present year
  6. Personalized Feng shui solution to your predicament


Sorry, this service is currently not available

Personalized Four Pillars of Destiny Reading

re you curious how is your luck will be like in the up coming years. Do you find your life filled with obstacles and bad luck? Why are things coming easily to others while you feel lost and left behind? Let us analyze your 4 pillars of destiny chart to give you your answer. Privacy is assured. Each Personalized 4 pillars of destiny reading will cost you USD 168.00 only.

Our reading comes with a 5 page summary report and a verbal recording of your report in English. The report will include:

  1. Balance of elements in your chart
  2. Lucky and unlucky elements
  3. Clash of animal sign and elements
  4. Learn how to correct for clashes of elements and animal signs
  5. Learn to enhance your luck during difficult years.
  6. Personalized answer to your question and applicable solutions.


Sorry, this service is currently not available


Full Offsite Feng Shui Consultations for Residential Properties


Please email us at consultations@wofs.com for more information.


FS Consultations for Commercial and Office Buildings


Please email us at consultations@wofs.com for more information.