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The Year of the Water Snake imbues the world with a unique brand of chi bringing awesome potential for growth, prosperity and success! For the first time in 9 years, the feng shui chart returns to its original Lo Shu positions, creating the magic Sum-of-Ten configuration for all 12 animal signs! Lillian and Jennifer skilfully extrapolates an accurate look at the year's luck prospects and analyses the luck readings for each of the 12 animal signs. In addition to the flying stars and 24 mountain stars, learn about your five-luck profile, the Trigram influence, your vitality and power numbers, monthly predictions and compatibility with each horoscope sign this year. Plus, potent tips on boosting your Wealth, Power and Success luck for 2013, as well as a bonus chapter on the Eight Direction Houses!

  • This incredibly detailed book tells you how to:

      - Harness the Sum-of-Ten special for huge Growth
      - Increase personal WEALTH, SUCCESS and POWER luck
      - Boost VITALITY and SPIRIT essence for confidence & strength
      - Benefit from your lucky vitality/power numbers & the Trigram influence
      - Suppress obstacles that block your climb up
      - Stay protected from discordant energies
      - Get your timing spot on with monthly updates
      - Benefit from the 8 Direction Houses
Book Information:
Price: USD 4.99
Regular Price: USD 9.99
Width: 11 cm
Length: 15 cm







Almanac 2013
Diary 2013
The Chinese Destiny Book - Tung Sing 2013

The popular guide to "Everything Victorious", Tung Sing 2013 contains comprehensive windows into all the ways to create a smooth path to harmony, good fortune and success for the year of the Water Snake.

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