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Feng Shui World is a magazine that brings you our take on all things affected by the winds and waters of the world. This includes lifestyle, properties, glamor, astrology, entertainment, interiors, and architecture, among other things. It is the most comprehensive and complete guide to feng shui, a great supplement to any books available on the subject, as it also includes updates on time dimension feng shui, predictions, trends and so forth.

The magazine is printed in full color and presented in a user-friendly, attractive manner for readers interested in feng shui, property, interior design, fashion, furniture, entertaining, home-making, astrology and associated products and services. Essentially, Feng Shui World will enable readers to effortlessly find what they are looking for.

Focuses on everything interesting under the sun. As well as being an educational magazine in the science of feng shui, it does not take a scholarly dull approach. Many modern practitioners and enthusiasts want to be able to practise feng shui easily, but want to have fun at the same time. We show you how you can organize your life with feng shui, whether it be by renovating your home, wearing the right colors, using cosmetics right or simply buying a compass.

Zest up your life with Feng Shui World. Subscribe today!
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Reviewer: Dr Steen Vaalentino
03/24/2010 05:31am
I have been a subscriber for few years now.It has benefited me over the years with the help of Expert guidances from loving guru....Lillian Too. I strongly recommend this magazine to anyone who wants to prosper in every aspects of life.I,being a doctor benefit alot of Lillian Too's teaching.I am still learning even today from her.Alot of new exposure and experience being with her. Thank you for your guidance.This magazine have alot of informations that helps us in our daily life.
Reviewer: Yvonne
09/02/2008 11:15am
I love the WOFS magazine. They are so wonderful to read. I have become addicted since the day my first magazine arrived. Now, I look forward each magazine with anticipation and always remember to renew subscription each year.
Reviewer: Dr Steven Vaalentino
07/08/2008 01:59am
I love every bit of the guidance I could get as being a doctor help me in my work. It has help me to focus both the bad and good days in performing my work for each month. I have been continue my subscription because I appreciate every guidance and teaching of my mentor, teacher and friend Lilian Too teachings.
Reviewer: Elaine Douglas
02/15/2007 12:45am
The wofs magazine is one of the best magazines both myself and my husband a wait eagerly for each month. We have been a subscriber since the very first one came into print. It has such a wealth of info that is so very spot on for Feng Shui, it should be requiered reading. As for the 5 element pagoda, it is one of the best cures that I have ever used. I am purchasing another one and one for my daughter as well.
Reviewer: Cristeta A Tanay
09/21/2006 02:25am
Thank you for your information on Feng Shuis. Hope more information to publish.
Reviewer: sharad goyal
02/21/2006 12:40am
i got one book from my friend and it was the delight for my eyes and mind. lillian too is wonderfull lady with lot of knowledge and kind heart to share the secrate of feng shui throug her books and this magzine
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