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Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2014 - Horse
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The HORSE enjoys a big dose of good fortune in 2014 as this sign benefits from the presence of the powerful number 8 flying into its home location. The 8 is very strong in the Fire location of South. In this Year of the Horse, the Horse sign also benefits from the Ho Tu combination of 3/8, which brings POWER and great success to those of you involved in politics. Many auspicious developments come your way and even adversaries become your allies. Make sure you activate the auspicious indications to ensure that big success, wealth and power luck manifests for you.

Strengthen your Wind Horse, which is weak this year. You should perform the raising the Wind Horse ritual to get the best from its excellent feng shui winds. This will bring you the SUCCESS you want. Invite the great KUBERA, Bringer of Wealth and Lord of Horses into your office to strengthen your inner spirit, increase your confidence and enhance prosperity chi for you.

Those in search of a marriage partner can activate the Peach Blossom Star. Get your timing right. Note months when you must stay low key and months when you can make important changes. Discover powerful new ways to dissolve conflict and hostility. Get fast-working astrological remedies and feng shui enhancers to successfully ride the aggressive energies of this WOOD HORSE year 2014.

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