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Jade Emperor with Sun & Moon Windchime

The Jade Emperor is the heavenly being who rules all the affairs of mankind and provides divine assistance when needed. In 2014, heaven luck enters the home from the West direction, bringing windfall luck and a smoother ride for residents whose rooms or entrance are located in the West. Activate for supreme good fortune by placing the Jade Emperor holding a Sun & Moon Windchime in the West. Also beneficial for those wishing to cultivate a mentoring relationship with their superior.

Double Happiness Love Birds

Looking to find a partner? In 2014 the Romance Star dominates the centre of the house, thereby increasing marriage prospects for all households! This beautiful pair of lovebirds perching on the Red and Gold Double Happiness emblem is excellent for those who are seeking to be serious relationships or to tie the knot in 2014!

2/7 Hotu Mirror for Big Money

The 2/7 Ho Tu Combination brings the luck of BIG MONEY to the Northeast, helping to off set some of the negative stars in that location. The Tiger and Ox benefit the most from activating this Ho Tu Combination and should carry these mirrors with them. The mirror carries the image of the Ox and Tiger standing strong on a bed of ingots, coins and gold bars! Highly recommended for the Tiger, Ox and Rabbit.

Bejewelled Kubera

Lord Kubera is the King of Horses and also a Wealth Deity. He brings the luck of prosperity and controls the Horse year in your favour. In 2014, the energies of the world are expected to be hostile, conflict-ridden and rebellious. Invite Lord Kubera to keep the wild Wood Horse under control... and to usher in the luck of abundance and wealth accumulation! This is a MUST-HAVE item for 2014.

Nine Amulet Plaque

In 2014, the hostile #3 star flies to the Southeast, bringing quarrels, lawsuits, bureaucratic headaches and misunderstandings. It afflicts those whose main doors and bedrooms are in the Southeast, as well as the Snake and Dragon born. This cure features nine amulets that promote harmony and the amulet wheel to subdue hostility to weaken the #3 star.


AMULETS that will empower you in 2014

Feng Shui winds blow differently every year, and it is good practice to replace last year's amulet hangings with new ones to match the different stars that affect your personal luck! Below are four gorgeous amulet hangings that everyone should have on hand throughout the year 2014!

1. 2014 Annual Amulet
2. Health Amulet
3. Heaven Luck Activator
4. Peace and Harmony Amulet

Pot of Gold Money Clip for Good Income

This exquisite money clip brings the luck of continuous income! Use it to clip all your bank-notes and energize for success luck!

Also Available:
1. Mongoose Jewel Money Clip for Wealth
2. Mystic Knot Money Clip for Love

Golden Wu Lou with Longevity God
This Golden Wu Lou features the benevolent Taoist Longevity God Sau who is depicted sitting by the Great Mountains that promote the luck of wellness. At his feet are the powerful symbols of longevity - the deer and crane. This Wu Lou is the best cure for subduing illness vibes brought by the monthly #2 star which moves to different locations each month.
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