What's Your Animal Sign?

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What's Your Animal Sign?

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What's Your Animal Sign?

Enter Your Date of Birth:

  • Goddess Kuan Yin on Dragon

    Goddess Kuan Yin on Dragon

    Known as Goddess of Mercy and revered by millions of Chinese around the world, she's the most popular Chinese deities and the female personification of the compassionate Buddha. Display Kuan Yin to be protected at all times from danger of accidents and sudden reversals of fortune. She helps you t... More Info

  • King Gesar's Victory Ring (White Gold)

    King Gesar's Victory Ring (White Gold)

    King Gesar is the Warrior Buddha of Wealth and Success!

    • King Gesar is associated with material and spiritual success, and absolute triumph over evil and unhappiness.
    • He is the perfect patron deity for those pursuing corporate careers and run... More Info
  • Popularity Star Shawl (White)

    Popularity Star Shawl (White)

    Be the star of the show in every situation! This awesomely gorgeous shawl features the popularity amulet and special wishgranting mantras that increases your magnetism and causes others to be nice to you!

    More Info
  • Polaris Star Enhancer

    Polaris Star Enhancer

    This beautiful energizer fills your living space with the light of the Polaris star.

    • Increases advancement of your career and brings promotion luck
    • Excellent for energizing the #6 Heaven Star
    • Comes equipped with a battery-powe... More Info
  • Dragon Brooch

    Dragon Brooch

    The Chinese believe in the power of the Dragon to bring success, courage, confidence and prosperity! This beautiful Dragon brings excellent fortune for those engaged in business pursuits. It protects from bad decisions and attracts business deals.

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  • Limited Units
    Omani Prayer Wheel

    Omani Prayer Wheel

    It's easy to gain blessings when you have a prayer wheel! Turning the prayer wheel just once generates the blessings of chanting a mantra millions of times!

    • Beautiful golden prayer wheel studded with man-made diamonds
    • Filled with thousands of OMANI mantras, the heart mant... More Info
  • Wish-Granting Tree with 6 Birds Scarf

    Wish-Granting Tree with 6 Birds Scarf

    This beautiful wish-granting tree scarf heralded by six glorious birds in full flight activities all the wonderful elements needed to usher wealth and prosperity into your life!

    • The Wish Granting Tree is one of the eight wish-fulfilling symbo... More Info
  • Umbrella Parasol Brooch

    Umbrella Parasol Brooch

    The victorious parasol shields you from all forms of catastrophe, disease, spirit harm and misfortune - anything that could lead to untimely death such as tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, and so forth.

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  • Crimson Phoenixes

    Crimson Phoenixes

    Place them on your desk and let them help you achieve the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Rise like the magical phoenix and soar to the skies!

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  • The Golden Eagle

    The Golden Eagle

    The Golden Eagle is a great symbol of power and success! Place it on your work desk to develop confidence and receive recognition for your efforts. The great eagle protects against harmful alliances and helps you develop professional partnerships that elevate your career to new levels.

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  • Double Spoke Dorje Necklace

    Double Spoke Dorje Necklace

    The Double Dorje protects against physical dangers such as accidents and roberry. Wear daily to stay safe at all times.

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  • Hayagriva Prayer Wheel Pendant

    Hayagriva Prayer Wheel Pendant

    This powerful pendant contains the secret mantras of Hayagriva, the wrathful manifestation of Avalokiteshvara! It neutralizes all danger that can cause physical and emotional harm. Spin it clockwise throughout the day to release its power.

    This prayer wheel pendant comes with blac... More Info

  • Bee with Pearl Earrings

    Bee with Pearl Earrings

    Associated with royalty, luxury, productivity and resilience, the bee brings protection against loss of wealth.

    More Info
  • Samantabhadra on Sacred White Elephant

    Samantabhadra on Sacred White Elephant

    Here is a beautiful white porcelain statue of the Samantabhadra, seated on a lotus position atop a Sacred Elephant. She holds the powerful implements of the dorje on one hand and the bell on the other, symbolizing the ultimate wisdom and method to overcome all obstacles that hinder one's progress... More Info

  • TAM Pendant Necklace

    TAM Pendant Necklace

    This syllable TAM is the Goddess Green Tara's heart emblem. Tara is known as the Swift Liberator, and flies with speed and wisdom to those who chant her mantra.

    Wear this heart syllable TAM close to your heart to bring Tara closer to you. Wear this special pendant and envision that Tara i... More Info

  • Heaven & Earth Dzi Bracelet with Number 8 Charm and Mantra Bead (3 pcs in a set)

    Heaven & Earth Dzi Bracelet with Number 8 Charm and Mantra Bead (3 pcs in a set)

    This Heaven & Earth Dzi charm bracelet comes in a set of three bracelets strung with multi-faceted crystals and metal silver beads. It also features a Tibetan silver mantra protection charm and a silver rectangle charm with the symbol of "8". The Dzi represents strong and positive energies fr... More Info

  • Bejewelled Blue Tara

    Bejewelled Blue Tara

    Blue Tara is the most powerful Tara for overcoming severe obstacles. She protects against illness, black magic and violence. She carries a flaming sword that symbolises her great power to slice through difficulties.

    • We need powerful protection against the year's dark energies.
    • ...
      More Info
  • Hum Necklace

    Hum Necklace

    The word HUM represents the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind. It is believed to contain the foundation of all prayers and mantras. Many Buddhists believe that wearing a symbol of this word brings a good life and brings one nearer to nirvana and enlightenment.

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  • Red & Green Tara Ring (Gold)

    Red & Green Tara Ring (Gold)

    This mantra ring contains the mantra of Green and Red Tara. It helps overcome all obstacles in your daily life, makes your wishes come true, and empowers your aura.

    * Stainless Steel chain is included

    More Info
  • Crystal Elephant for Power

    Crystal Elephant for Power

    The elephant is potent symbol of rank and power! If you're hankering for a promotion and greater recognition for your work, place this gorgeous crystal elephant accented with golden ingots in the Northwest corner of your home to attract of powerful and influential benefactors into your life.

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  • Double Dorje Bracelet for Protection

    Double Dorje Bracelet for Protection

    This beautiful bracelet from our Goddess Collection adorns your wrists with turquoise charm! The Double Dorje ornament protects you from physical dangers such as accidents and robbery. Wear it daily to stay safe while commuting.

    Care instructions: T... More Info

  • Limited Units
    Taykar Drozangma - Goddess of Long Life

    Taykar Drozangma - Goddess of Long Life

    Drozangma is the green long life sister who increases one's inner vitality, regeneration and life force. She prevents harmful nagas from stealing away one's life force or causing diseases. Drozangma rides a female Turquoise Green Dragon while holding Durva grass on one hand, and a snake noose on ... More Info

  • Attraction Multiplying Leopard Scarf

    Attraction Multiplying Leopard Scarf

    This beautiful scarf from our new magnetizing collection multiplies your inner beauty and attractiveness, making others view you in a positive light. It contains one of our most powerful popularity amulets that enhances your charisma. Auspicious symbols of ... More Info

  • OMANI Cushion Cover (1 Pair)

    OMANI Cushion Cover (1 Pair)

    In 2019 the #3 star flies to South, bringing with it hostile and conflict energies. Adorn your living room with these red colored cushions that carry the peaceful mantras of Chenrezig! 

    Note: Cushion inserts are not i... More Info

  • Bejewelled Nangsi Zilnon Guru Rinpoche

    Bejewelled Nangsi Zilnon Guru Rinpoche

    Nangzi Zilnon is the Guru Rinpoche who completely overcomes all types of obstacles and negative emotional problems. He is excellent for subduing the Yearly Conflict and Yearly Killings Stars in the 24 Mountains chart. Place him in the Northeast or the Northwest to suppress these obstacle-causing ... More Info

  • Anti Burglary Totem

    Anti Burglary Totem

    This year (2019) the number 7 star flies into the Southeast sector of the home, bringing with the potential of burglary and violence. The 7 star also causes cheating and betrayal in relationships which can cause siblings, business partners and couples to quarrel. Place this Ant... More Info

  • Health Amulet Keychain

    Health Amulet Keychain

    Carry this health amulet keychain if the yearly or monthly flying star illness #2 star enters your bedroom or entrance for the year or month. It is also highly recommended for those born in the year where the illness 2 afflicts your zodiac location. In 2019, the #2 illness star resides in the Nor... More Info

  • Longevity Lock Pendant

    Longevity Lock Pendant

    The Yu Yi or Longevity Lock is a lock-shaped ornament which a baby always wears on its neck or hand. Tracing back to the han Dynasty (206BC - 220AD) as the longevity thread, it is said that wearing it could bring good health and good luck to the child as the lock could ward off evil.

    The ... More Info

  • 8" Heart Sutra Pillar

    8" Heart Sutra Pillar

    The Five Yellow visits the Southwest sector in 2019, bringing serious misfortune to those whose houses face Southwest or to those whose bedrooms/offices are in the Southwest. The remedy of the 5 Yellow is the Heart Sutra Pagoda Pillar; it is etched with the Heart S... More Info

  • Safety Amulet Shawl

    Safety Amulet Shawl

    Empowered with amulets that protect against physical harm caused by 18 types of weapons and spirtual injuries brought by accidently offending local deities and wandering spirits. Activated by the fearless energies of the leopard skin. Wear it when trav... More Info

  • Amitabha Watch

    Amitabha Watch

    *This watch does not have Moving Mantra

    This is the sacred mantra of BUDDHA AMITABHA which protects you from dangers and obstacles, and overcomes all hindrances to your success. The mantra enhances your compassionate and loving natur...
    More Info

  • Kuan Yin's Mantra Watch

    Kuan Yin's Mantra Watch

    *This watch does not have Moving Mantra

    This watch carries the mantra syllables of the Goddess Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of universal compassion and wish-fulfillment. Wearing it invites compassion and kindness into your life, and c... More Info

  • Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque

    Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque

    The Eight Sugata Medicine Buddhas can bring swift healing those who are suffering from serious ailments. This plaque contains the image and invocations to the Eight Sugata Medicine Buddhas together with rare medicinal herbs mentioned in the lineage texts. Each Medicine Buddha specialize in healin... More Info

  • Bejewelled Fuk Luk Sau

    Bejewelled Fuk Luk Sau

    Fuk Luk Sau is believed to offer those who invite them into their homes, the three prized gifts of prosperity, longevity and happiness. Fuk means happy and prosperous life and he is the one who brings the gift of happiness. On his right arm is a child bearing an ingot, symbolizing the good fortun... More Info

  • Health, Wealth & Love Pyramid

    Health, Wealth & Love Pyramid

    This beautiful pyramid is made with perfectly clear man-made crystal to pass pure sunlight through and produce a spectrum of energized light that will empower your home with auspicious energy. Each of these ancient hieroglyphics means HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE and they work together to bring you po... More Info

  • Popularity Scarf - Blue

    Popularity Scarf - Blue

    Drape this gorgeous silk scarf around your neck and let it transform your aura! It contains special mantras and secret emblems that infuse your aura with charm and magnetism, making you irresistible to whomever you meet. Wear it for all business or social occasions either around your neck or tied... More Info

  • Crystal Globe with Tree of Life

    Crystal Globe with Tree of Life

    This beautiful crystal globe engraved with the Tree of Life with six birds brings exciting new opportunities and success in all your ventures. The branches have been designed with jewels to enhance precious Earth energy. The globe is in the shape of a perfect sphere to bring harmony in relationsh... More Info

  • Gift of Gold - 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life Pendant

    Gift of Gold - 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life Pendant

    Wear this powerful 5 Element Pagoda pendant made of pure gold to protect yourself from the ill effects of the nasty Five Yellow, which brings financial misfortune or serious illness.

    This amulet has also been designed to protect you against the Five Yellow. The Tree of Life brings lif...
    More Info

  • 6 Tusks Elephant Keychain

    6 Tusks Elephant Keychain

    Elephant is one of the powerful symbols of protection against robbery and accidents. The 6 tusks will strengthen and empower the elephant to protect you from robbery and danger. Carrying it will also enhances your wealth luck and career.

    More Info
  • Limited Units
    Mystic Knot Cufflinks with Clear Stones - Gold Plated

    Mystic Knot Cufflinks with Clear Stones - Gold Plated

    The Mystic Knot is three times the infinity symbol, and signifies a long and happy life enriched with endless good fortune. It protects against illness, brings longevity and ensures good health. It is also a symbol of everlasting love. Wear this mystic knot cufflinks to attract good fortune and e... More Info