What's Your Animal Sign?

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What's Your Animal Sign?

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What's Your Animal Sign?

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  • Growing Prosperity

    Growing Prosperity

    This print symbolises growing prosperity. It stimulates wood energy. Best placed on a South-eastern or Eastern wall.

    Giclee is considered the world's best technique for repr... More Info

  • 100 Birds

    100 Birds

    For career luck, hang up a painting of '100 Birds' in the bedroom or at work to assist in bringing opportunities and support. Well placed in the South.

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  • Double Happiness

    Double Happiness

    Displaying the double happiness is very auspicious for love. Hang this print in the South-west of your bedroom for attracting and experiencing an equal loving relationship.

    ... More Info

  • Fame Flowers

    Fame Flowers

    These fame flowers have a red background and lots of fire energy. If placed on a southern wall it will benefit your fame and reputation. Three other sectors love fire energy so this print can be placed on a North-eastern, South-western or a cent... More Info

  • The Love Birds (Blue)

    The Love Birds (Blue)

    Displaying this print will symbolically encourage love into your life. Two birds sitting together in a blossom tree will bring auspicious energy. Hang this print in the South-west of your bedroom or of the house for attracting and experiencing a... More Info

  • Change of Season

    Change of Season

    This art-work symbolises expansion and growth. The layers of understanding and wisdom. The vibrant energy within this print will enliven any space. Well placed in the sector in which you wish to expand in.

    ... More Info

  • Phoenix


    The phoenix represents vision and open views. It is one of the four celestial creatures. The phoenix lives in the south and is associated with fire energy. The phoenix has yin energy. It will have a positive effect if placed near the front door ... More Info

  • Northern Mountains

    Northern Mountains

    Images of mountains add wonderful support bringing strength and stability.  To activate mountain energy, place this print behind where you sit at your desk. The mountain star 8 can also be en... More Info

  • Lo Shu Turtle

    Lo Shu Turtle

    Around 4,000 years ago a turtle appeared in the river Lo and on its shell were nine clusters of circular markings. The numbers were arranged in such a way that each line added up to 15. The markings on the back of the turtle were in fact a magic... More Info