Winning Vibrations Mirror


with Winning Racehorse

This Winning Vibrations Mirror features a victorious race horse sprinting to the finish line to symbolize always staying ahead of the competition! The mirrors inside attract and magnify winning energies, making all your preparations worthwhile, imbuing you with the strength and determination to succeed, while helping all outcomes to fall in your favor. A superb enhancer for those going into competitive situations like sports meets, job interviews, auditions, as well as those applying for scholarships, approvals and permits. Reinforced on the back with the Wish Granting mantra.

Weight: 55 grams
Diameter: 7.2 cm
Width: 1 cm
Make: PU

Customer Reviews

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John OOI
Works Wonder!

I ordered 3 items and 1 incense after my humble experiences getting my previous Feng Shui items from Feng Shui Megamall. All items came within a week in tip top condition.

1. Water Obsidian Elephant With Ru Yi
2. Power Vibrations Mirror
3. Winning Vibrations Mirror
4. Morning Star Green Tea Incense Stick

And on the day I brought the 3 items (item 1, item 2 & item 3) to my office, my boss told me she will give me an early confirm after just working at this company for a month. If it works for me , it will work for others out there. I am grateful for the universe for all the assistance rendered to me ! Arigato Kazaimas! Kyu Kyu Nyonit Suryo !!!! - John Ooi

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