Feng Shui Diary 2023

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The Year of the Water Rabbit is ruled by Yin Wood (branch) and Yin Water (stem), so it is crucial to plan ahead and take note of the days that are auspicious for specific activities, and days that are not in order to make the most of the year. Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary features the Hundred Year calendar, Personal Direction tables, Period 8 charts, Kua numbers, 24 Mountains, 8 Aspirations, Astrology Affinities and Combinations, Formulation of Trigrams, Lo Shu and Ho Tu squares, and many more useful resource tables invaluable to any practitioner of feng shui. Lots of space also to write in, to use as your planner for the year, or to make a record of how the year unfolds for you.

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ISBN: 9554100490526

Customer Reviews

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Joy Smith
Feng Shui Diary 2023

It’s great, giving a daily view of everything to be mindful of

Thelma Trinidad

Super useful information and very practical design, with plenty of space to write. Great tool to plan and get the best results in all areas of life.



Patricia Noe

I like it a lot, quite useful

lizbeth champs
Missing information

Before at your books you use to put the element of the sector and the element of the stars. I think that is still an usefull information that must be registered at your books. In addition to that, in other years, you gave away red envelopes and this year, despite the fact that I made important purchases, you did not give me a single envelope, and they removed the promotional package to buy the three books with a gift charm. I think you could extend the promotions and give away red envelopes again.

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