Himalayan Mountains with Gold for Achieving Great Heights

US$68.00 US$34.00

Himalayas, you can reach the heavens and meet the Gods! Tap the auspicious energy of these sacred mountain ranges! If your Mountain 8 star is located in the West, Northwest or North, place this very beautiful image of the Himalayas there to activate heavenly luck and good health through strong business relationships. This is also the best mountain image for elevating your business or your personal career to the top! Place it directly behind you if you are facing East, Southeast and South. Each print is personalised with genuine gold leaf to activate prosperity and success.

Note: Gold Leaf is hand-applied by our craftsmen to ensure authenticity; hence every image order is unique. Please note that the print you receive could vary slightly from the photo shown. This is a limited-edition print from Lillian Too's Authentic Art collection.

Weight: 575 grams
Height: 39 cm
Length: 48.5 cm
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