Peacock Feathers Mirror Fan To Protect Against Bad Luck & Harmful Energies

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Peacock Feathers have the power to absorb all the poisons that cause life to be unpleasant. The Peacock Feathers Mirror Fan has the power to dissolve all poisons that cause you misery and suffering. The fan is also imprinted with a special talisman to protect against all forms of killing energy. It causes all harmful and unpleasant energies to evaporate and is strongly recommended for those who might be exposed to spiritual attack or black magic, or those with low levels of Life Force and Spirit Essence in your Element Luck Profile.

Carry this protective fan if you suffer from the Yin Gate affliction.

Prior to using this mirror, reflect the sun with its mirror side to activate the wish-fulfilling mantra. Do this for seven days. Especially good for those of the Dog, Tiger and Horse trinity of signs.

Weight: 40 grams
Height: 20 cm
Length: 7 cm
Make: Metal

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Cynthia Hipolito
Peacock feathers mirror

I gave it to my friend as a gift and she was amazed at the instant changes it has made in her life. We are both happy with this amulet.

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