Hooking Abundance Mirror

US$97.97 US$48.99

Attract prosperity and good fortune effortlessly into your life by displaying this mirror! Featuring abundance mantras, the twelve astrological signs and the eight auspicious objects to bring all the goodness of the Zodiac into your life. Display it in the centre of your living room for maximum benefits. Excellent feng shui energizer for attracting abundance into your life.

  • Adorned with the eight auspicious objects to attract all eight aspirations from the eight directions of the compass: wealth, love, knowledge, smooth income, power, health, descendants and mentors.
  • The images of the 12 zodiac animals brings allies and mentors into your life.
  • Place it in the Center in 2023, to hook abundance of wisdom and love.
  • Place it near the entrance if you wish to attract an additional 72 types of abundance into your life.

Weight: 365 grams
Height: 15.5 cm
Length: 8.5 cm
Width: 5.8 cm
Make: Alloy

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