2023 Horoscope Kit for Snake

US$447.88 US$358.30

This feng shui kit includes:

  1. Red Arowana
  2. Trinity of Apples
  3. Windfall Luck Amulet
  4. Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms

Another fantastic year awaits the Snake! Your element luck is extremely strong and the year brings exciting opportunities your way. You are also blessed with the passion and energy to turn all your aspirations into reality! With 3 Auspicious Stars, all you need then is the courage to chase your dreams.

Because you are visited by the Conflict Star, you need the Trinity of Apples in the Southeast. Also clip the Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms on your bag (or put it in your bag) to ensure all your relationships stay positive.

Carry the Windfall Luck Amulet and have the Red Arowana in your living space. 

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Weight: 2875 grams

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Horoscope kit for snake

I’m not yet know about the results . I’m not sure about should I choose the date and time to put those horoscopes kits or not. Please tell me more about that. Thanks!

Hi Nika, you can display the products immediately. If you have any questions, please email us at sales@fsmegamall.com

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