Trinity of Apples

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for dissolving quarrel & conflict energy

In Chinese, the word apple sounds like peace so having apples around the home holds wonderful symbolic meaning of smooth and harmonious relationships. These luscious apples are embossed with the Anti Conflict, Anti Gossip and Anti Lawsuit amulets to prevent arguments from flaring up and spiralling out of control. The red, green and metallic gold colours represent Fire, Wood and Metal energy to effectively neutralise the malevolent Wood energies of the #3 Star.

A must-have remedy in 2023 as the #3 Star is fast becoming increasingly harmful the closer we get to the Period of 9. Place in the SE.

Weight: 1410 grams
Height: 12 cm
Diameter: Apple - 8 cm

Customer Reviews

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Magical Trinity of Apples

They are sparkly and gorgeous! I love the quality and craftsmanship of these apples and is definitely a great remedy for the #3 Argumentative Star.

Lovely and effective apples

Another addition to my feng shui collection. They look so gorgeous with lights. ;)

ILynn Begley
Love ❤️ Pples

Love the Apples ! They are beautiful n

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