Dragon Carp with 3-Legged Toad


The Dragon Carp represents the humble fish that turns into the mighty Dragon. It signifies the successful culmination of study and hard work, and having this symbol in ones living space activates for this kind of success. When the Dragon Carp is depicted meeting the 3-Legged Toad, it symbolizes that the knowledge you gain can be turned into financial success. It ensures the expertise you acquire can be applied commercially, giving tangible results to your hard work.

An excellent energizer for those in school looking for excellent grades, and for those pursuing a career to achieve great success in their field.

Weight: 85 grams
Height: 6.5 cm
Length: 4.1 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Make: Metal & Acrylic Base

Customer Reviews

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Diana Jarvis
Great size for desk

The small size is perfect for a work or study desk. Vibrant colors on plaque. Sturdy clear holder. I like the symbolism of the fish turning into a dragon as I find it encouraging. The 3-legged toad in the corner is a nice touch to help translate the learning and skills achievement into material gain as well.

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