Citrine Money Tree with Maneki-Neko

US$26.80 US$18.76

to attract wealth and business luck

This wealth tree features Maneki-Neko, the adorable Japanese Wealth Cat, a popular symbol for attracting wealth and business luck in Asia. Its waving left arm, and the sign it holds in its right hand, help to usher in plenty of new income.

Accompanying it is a lush money tree, made with natural citrine stones, to symbolize wealth that continuously grows.

Display in the North, the sector hosting the Wealth Star in 2024.

Weight: 106 grams
Diameter: 8.0 cm
Height: 11.0 cm
Make: Solar

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stephen marli
citrine money tree with maneki-neko

the cat so cute love this item
packaging good
only shipping fee too expensive
thank you

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