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About Us

About WOFS.com

WOFS.com started as World Of Feng Shui, an online Feng Shui magazine offering articles, information and resources on everything to do with this ancient Chinese practice of space enhancement. It was started in November 1998 with a mission to use the Internet to spread knowledge on authentic feng shui and to act as a one-stop centre for readers, practitioners and consultants alike to keep in touch with happenings and developments in the feng shui world. 

The most popular sections of the magazine proved to be the Aunt Agga column, the tips and Feng Shui Fine Points. As our database of users expanded, there developed growing demand for feng shui products, particularly for readers in the West who could not easily find many of the feng shui enhancers and cures recommended by not just WOFS.com, but other authors and consultants on the subject. 

And so FSMegamall.com was conceptualised.

About FSMegamall.com

In Feb 2000, MOL.com Bhd, a public company listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, bought into 60% of WOFS.com, thereby bringing in sizeable capital injection thereby enabling us to bring the feng shui merchandising concept on the Internet off the drawing board and into reality. MOL.com Bhd is part of the BERJAYA GROUP OF COMPANIES. FSMegamall.com was launched in August 2000 with 15 shops which offered over 300 different feng shui related products. This number has since increased to 25 shops offering over 700 products. We strive to maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction and the delivery of an inspiring shopping experience for the 20,000 plus readers of our magazine. 

What We Offer 

Our extensive and ever-expanding catalogue of products include:

  • Feng Shui books, kits, videos and multimedia CD-ROMs.
  • Offsite Consultations at very affordable prices.
  • Feng Shui Courses and Workshops by world-renowned experts
  • Wealth Vases, Three-legged Toads, Prosperity I-Ching Coins
  • Wealth Gods, Laughing Buddhas and other luck bringing Deities.
  • Precious Crystals for love, education and career luck
  • Love Enhancers incl. mandarin ducks, double happiness symbols, etc.
  • Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Fine Jewellery
  • Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Greeting Cards for all occasions
  • Qi Rin, Pi Yao, Pik Chen and other protective symbols
  • Windchimes, Singing Bowls, Space Clearing Bells and other metal cures
  • Crystal Trees and Money Plants
  • Buddha Bracelets, Crystal Beads, Globes, Amulets
  • Feng Shui Fine Art with Real Gold, Chinese Paintings, Lucky Wall Hangings
  • Luo Pan’s, Feng Shui Rulers/Meters, Compasses & other practitioner tools
  • Dragons and other Feng Shui animals, Incense Burners, gold-ingot incense.

The WOFS.com family of Web sites also includes:

  • WOFS.com (www.wofs.com), the first and most extensive Feng Shui magazine on the Web, offering articles by authorities on the subject, tips, free astrology, compatibility and personal Kua readings, a calender of events, an almanac of good and bad days, auspicious wedding dates, an agony aunt column and much more.
  • Lillian-too.com (www.lillian-too.com), Lillian Too, the world's most popular writer on Feng Shui, official website.