Banner of Love (Kurukulle Flag)

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This powerful banner which brings romance into your life features the beautiful GODDESS KURUKULLE who is worshipped as an emanation of the Goddess Tara who brings love and romantic happiness. Display this banner near you to ATTRACT LOVE AND ROMANCE into your life. Having the presence of Kurukulle's wonderful energies near you will surely enhance your POPULARITY with friends, office mates and enhance your aura, thereby helping you to attract new friends and allies into your life. Here she is depicted holding her bow and arrow made of flowers.

Display this Banner of Love in the Southwest to attract opportunities to find real love, serious suitors and marriage opportunities. Those wishing to find love are advised to have her image in their living space, and even better if you chant her mantra daily:

Weight: 220 grams
Height: 22.5 cm
Length: 5.9 cm
Width: 5 cm
Make: Metal

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