Home Protection Kits 2023 (Premium) V2

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This feng shui kit includes:

  1. Tai Sui Plaque 2023
  2. Golden Heart Sutra Pagoda
  3. Pair Garuda Wu Lou
  4. Three Celestials Mirror
  5. Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhinoceros
  6. Trinity of Apples
  7. FREE GIFT (while stocks last) - 28 Hums Protection Wheel worth USD 128.97

In 2023, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) moves to the East causing the Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat to be in conflict with him. Those whose houses face East are in direct clash with the Tai Sui and are advised to appease the Grand Duke. Display the Tai Sui Plaque in the East to appease the Grand Duke and to also bring good luck. 

The afflicted Illness Star #2 bring illness to the East. Display Pair Garuda Wu Lou  in this sector. Placement of this cure “captures” all illness vibrations so that continuous good health can prevail through the year.

The Quarrelsome Star #3 flies to Southeast, bringing danger of lawsuits, conflict and quarrels. Place Trinity of Apples here to subdue this affliction.

The 5 Yellow Star which brings misfortune and accidents resides in Northwest in 2023. It is important that its effects are nullified by placing the Golden Heart Sutra Pagoda here.

The Violent #7 Star brings risk of armed robbery and violence to those residing in the Northeast. Place the Elephant and Rhinoceros here as a powerful remedy.

The West is afflicted with the Three Killings. Avoid running the risk of illness, accidents, lawsuits and robberies by suppressing this affliction by placing Three Celestials Mirror in the West. 

Display the 28 Hums Protection Wheel in your living room to dispels all that is evil, malicious and negative. It features the powerful Heart Sutra on the back to ensures that whatever negative projectiles are sent your way cannot reach you.

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Weight: 4875 grams

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