Dragon & Horse Spirit Essence Enhancer

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to improve one’s inner essence

The well-known Chinese idiom “Long Mah Jing Zhen” means “full of vitality”, gives rise to the belief that when you have the Dragon “Long” and Horse “Mah” together, it boosts one’s inner vitality and fortitude. This beautiful pair is a wonderful addition to any living space to lift its energies, and to dissolve any stale energy that may have accumulated.

Energies of a space can weaken for a number of reasons – when you’ve had a big fight or argument there, when there has been a recent death in the family, when flying stars in declining state fly in, or simply when a house or space has been left vacant or untouched for a long time. Introducing this piece instantly revitalizes the energies of any space and should be done in conjunction with a space clearing exercise.

This is also the best feng shui remedy for anyone whose Spirit Essence element luck category is weak in any given year. One’s personal Spirit Essence is vitally important, because when it is weak, it causes one to lose motivation, to become apathetic, to be more easily swayed, and generally, to lack the impetus needed to pursue success. When one’s spirit essence is weak, it is difficult to realize all other forms of success.

    Weight: 1240 grams
    Height: 11.0 cm
    Length: 15.0 cm
    Width: 6.5 cm
    Make: Metal

    Customer Reviews

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    Cynthia Feng

    The green dragon and white horse coming together is truly and truly my Spirit Essence Enhancer — once I saw it upon receiving, I did discover that my spirit enhanced tremendously.

    And the free gift of the red vase was splendid also — my daughter choose this one as my wedding gift to her.

    I thank you and thank you very much for your splendid products and splendid packaging which made very good protection to the splendid products going from East to the West!

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