Home Enhancer Kits 2023 (Premium) V2

US$800.82 US$640.66

This feng shui kit includes:

  1. Nine Rank Badge Plaque in Royal Blue & Gold
  2. Wealth Bull
  3. Wishfulfilling Scepters of Power (Ru Yi) Red
  4. Scholar on Dragon Carp
  5. Rabbit In The Moon
  6. Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman for Mentor Luck
  7. FREE GIFT (while stocks last) - Kuan Yin on Snow Lion worth USD 178.97 

These are your feng shui must-haves in 2023 to activate good luck brought by the auspicious stars.

The auspicious White Star flies to the Southwest. It benefits everyone. Place a Wishfulfilling Scepters of Power (Ru Yi) here to activate success at work, in business and in competitive situations.

The #4 Star flies to the Center in 2023 bringing relationship and academic luck. Display Scholar on Dragon Carp and "Rabbit In The Moon" Love Enhancer here brings wisdom energies, harmony, love and romance into the home.

The Favourable Heaven Star brings unexpected good fortune of the speculative kind. It also brings authority. Activate the West of your home with the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman.

The auspicious Wealth Star 8 flies to the South in 2023, bringing wealth, success and happiness. Activate with Wealth Bull.

The purple star 9 flies to the South indicating future prosperity and upward mobility for those who can successfully tap its luck. Activate with the Nine Rank Badge Plaque.

Invite Kuan Yin into your home brings incredible luck from heaven, ensuring everything proceeds smoothly. Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and brings happiness, wealth and protection from harm. 

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Weight: 2790 grams

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