Wealth Incense Holder with Sandalwood Incense


This beautiful porcelain incense holder is designed to make it easy for you to perform incense offering rituals as often as needed. An incense offering ritual uses the fire and air element to clear away stagnant energy in a home, and to appease spirits, local landlords and protectors that could bring mischief or obstacles to your life. The side of this gorgeous bowl is decorated with the Mongoose a heavenly animal associated with the wealth bringing Dzamhala. As the Mongoose is a kind of Rat, which happens to be the secret friend of the Ox, it also brings harmony and smoothness to all of your relationships. You should use this burner of you are praying for wealth or if you are have problems with inter personal relationships.

All you need to do is place burning incense on the center of the bowl and walk around your house in a clockwise direction. While doing so it is beneficial to chant the mantra of the White Dzambala - OM PEMA KRODA ARYA DZHAMBALA HRIDAYA HUM PHET.

Item comes with one pack of coil Sandal Wood incense.

Weight: 470 grams
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 2.8 cm
Make: Porcelain

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