Kalachakra Protection Pendant (Gold)

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This is one of the most treasured of protection symbols to emerge from Tibet and is one of a limited edition of only 100 pieces specially made to exact auspicious dimensions. Inside the pendant is genuine kalachakra mandala sand taken from the mandala created at the Kalachakra initiation given by HH the Dalai Lama in India in 2005.

This very precious sand from the mandala was carefuly taken for Lillian Too by her special friend, the young reincarnate lama, Ven. Charok Lama Rincoche at the end of the initiation when the mandala was dissolved to signify that all things are impermanent.

So these Kalachakra pendants which also contain gemstones of the colours of the Kalachakra should be worn and kept in your possession throughout your life for complete and powerful protection against spirit harm, untimely death and non-virtuous behaviour.

For additional effectiveness, recite the mantra of the lord and consort three times daily.

Weight: 20 grams
Height: 4.7 cm
Width: 3.1 cm
Make: Finely Crafted in Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Plating
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