Life Force Amulet

US$48.97 US$34.28

To Enhance Ones Inner Power and Potential

Essential for anyone with low levels of Life Force element luck.

Depending on your animal sign, your energy levels will differ from year to year. If your life force levels are low, it can cause a lack of confidence and poor staying staying power, making it easy for you to be swayed or discouraged by others. Life Force is one of the most important personal luck indications. When low, efforts need to be made to increase it.

This Life Force Amulet features the 7 Chakra Symbols representing the 7 energy wheels through the body. A balanced chakra stimulates powerful energies that boosts well-being, health, mental strength and clarity. The opposite side features the Life Force Amulet to control adverse forces that may be at work.

Carry to boost confidence, productivity, strength and staying power.

In 2022, this amulet is essential for those born in years of the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep and Dog.

Weight: 46 grams
Length: 10 cm
Diameter: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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