Protection from Office Politics Scarf

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Every successful person who is on the rise will make inevitably create enemies at work! And if you are climbing up the career ladder, you will need the help of this special scarf to protect you from those who harbor ill intentions towards you or just want you to fail! This gorgeous cotton red and gold scarf has been empowered with the fierce symbol of the Rooster to peck away at petty water-cooler gossip that could turn malicious against you. It has special mantras that guard against office colleagues who put obstacles to falter your success, speak ill of you, criticize your work to the wrong ears, create problems for you at work and steal recognition from your efforts.

Wear this auspicious scarf around your neck or under your shirt so that the mantras are touching your skin near your heart or neck. This is an essential amulet for those who work in any organization and want a smoother rise to the top!

This power of speech makes one very convincing and persuasive, and hence giving its wearer the power to bring projects to fruition. This wonderful scarf is especially helpful for those who are project managers, team managers, CEOs and anyone who needs the powers of persuasion when making public presentations to important people.

Weight: 15 grams
Height: 54 cm
Length: 54 cm
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