Treasure Vase Kit (Premium Set)


The Treasure Vase is one of the most potent feng shui energizers for attracting prosperity luck into your home. This simple ancient Chinese ritual is so easy to do, but the benefits are enormous! A wealth vase should contain a collection of precious things that symbolize all the wonderful prosperity elements of the universe such as ingots, coins, jewels, gold, money and semi-precious stones. All this is placed in a special sequence and then sealed with the five elements. This auspicious Treasure Vase Kit comes with all the necessary ingredients that will fully-filled your Treasure Vase and a 8 page instruction booklet explaining how this ritual can be done. Included in this kit are:

  • Golden Treasure Vase
  • "Making a Powerful Treasure Vase" Instruction Booklet
  • 1 roll of Empowerment Mantras
  • 1 set of 5-coloured cloths & 5 coloured cords
  • 1 set of: Wishfulfilling Cow, Wish fulfilling Tree, Mountain, Harvest
  • 1 set of Royal Emblems
  • 1 set of 8 Offering Goddesses
  • 1 set of Sun, Moon, Parasol, Victory Banner
  • 1 bag of Citrine Chips
  • 1 bag of Semi-Precious Crystal Chips
  • 6 pieces of Amber Beads
  • 6 of Adventurine Balls
  • Lucky Mahjong Tiles
  • 1 God of Wealth
  • Wish Jewel (Yellow Color)
  • 3 Gold Coin
  • 1 WOFS Gold Bar
  • 9 Pieces Cowrie Shell
  • Wealth Ship Amulet
  • 50 Pieces I-Ching Coins
  • Prosperity Amulet
  • 1 Box of Golden Ingots
  • Wealth & Income Amulet
  • Success & Wealth Amulet (Set of 5 Coins)

Diameter: 15.0 cm
Height: 19.0 cm
Weight: 4640 gram


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