Wish-Granting Cow

The Wish Granting Cow is highly respected by those who understand its great significance. Some say that those with pure intention can actually “see” some of the colourful symbols on its body – but for those of us who cannot, it is extremely auspicious to display this cow in the home. Its presence reminds us what a kind and compassionate creature the sacred cow is; every part of its body from its nourishing milk (as food) to its droppings (used to build homes to keep out the cold of winter), from its skin to its hooves, and of course the cow itself is also used to plough the fields and pull the cart!

Placing this wish-granting cow in North of your home brings its kind compassionate chi energy into the home and you will never want for anything ever!

Weight: 470 grams
Height: 8 cm
Length: 10 cm
Width: 7 cm
Make: Metal

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I love my wish granting cow! :)
He is perfect size and of high quality! :)

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