Double Happiness Vase with Lilies


for everlasting love

The Double Happiness symbol is a powerful emblem of enduring love, while pink lilies hold the meaning of profound commitment within romantic relationships. The vase meanwhile is a potent symbol of peace, harmony and tranquility. In a year when the Quarrelsome Star takes prominence, this activator will fortify your marital bonds and protect against troublesome third parties that may attempt to disrupt the harmony.

There are 9 lilies in the vase, to symbolize “cheong cheong kau kau”, to signify a marriage that lasts an eternity, while the number 9 is a nod to the new Period of 9, and this era’s luckiest number.

Display in the SW, NW or center of the home for a strong marriage and a happy family life.

Weight: 390 grams
Height: 11.5 cm
Length: 8.0 cm
Width: 8.5 cm 

Make: Metal

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Linda Fernandez
Double Happiness Vase

It’s beautiful!! High quality!!

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