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Bejewelled Boudhanath Stupa
This stunning stupa is an exact replica of the Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. It is believed that anyone fortunate enough to make a connection with the Boudhanath Stupa will be led towards ultimate happiness, good fortune and prosperity in this...
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Manjushri Wisdom Stupa with Stand
To boost learning and creativityManjushri is the Wisdom Buddha. Inviting him seated within his Wisdom Stupa imbues your home with countless blessings while boosting your prowess for good decision-making. This is an excellent Patron Deity to call on for anyone...
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Bejewelled Vairocana Stupa
This exclusive Vairocana Stupa is embellished with the 8 Auspicious Symbols and protects against harm brought by excessive aggression. It helps safeguard against violence and pacifies all conflict situations, ensuring they do not escalate beyond repair. Inside this stupa are...
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[Limited Edition] The Kumbum Stupa
The Kumbum Stupa, with one hundred holy images, symbolically invokes the protective presence of all the world's Wisdom Protectors. When you place this sacred Stupa in your living space, it ensures everyone living within are protected against everything that causes...
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