What you need to know
Feng shui is about energy and every physical object displayed in the home, be they remedies or enhancers, or just placed around for their aesthetics and beauty, MUST give out loving energy; they should have been created with the pure motivation to benefit someone or to make someone feel good and happy. When they are Spiritual cures containing mantras and magic syllables, this requirement becomes even more important. Badly made fakes and copycat products hastily put together with cheap materials are not effective at all as feng shui remedies or enhancers.

Placing items with bad energy in your home or work space can sometimes do more harm than good. And if they are “stolen” products, i.e. products stolen from someone else and then sold to you, they definitely exude even more negativity than you realize. And far from overcoming and dissolving afflicted energy in your home, they could actually generate negativity instead.
Designed by Lillian Too
It is our responsibility to combat counterfeiting to ensure the feng shui products you purchase come with good energy. Lillian Too designs most of the products on FSMegamall.com and these are available exclusively through our online store, World of Feng Shui boutiques and WOFS authorized retailers. These products will be marked “Exclusive” on the product information page.
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