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Supremacy of Heaven Charms
featuring the 6 CelestialsThese charms feature the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Wheel together with 6 celestial animals bringing pure heaven energy. The Windhorse vanquishes competition and actualises success The Dragon Horse generates HoTu luck and defeats ignorance The Celestial Deer...
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Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Plaque
for new opportunities & right timingActivate the power of the Lunar Mansions to attract new opportunities into your life and to get your timing right in all your important moves and decisions. The 4 constellations of the Lunar Mansions attract...
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Dragon Tortoise for Success In Business
This powerful celestial guardian combines the courage of the Dragon with the steadfastness of the Tortoise. It promotes vitality and success in commercial pursuits. Promotes smooth sailing in all your undertakings and helps you overcome any obstacles you may face....
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Lunar Constellations Scarf
This scarf activates the 4 Lunar Constellations for you to get your timing right for everything you do. It also generates all the positive attributes of the four constellations. The Green Dragon fills you with charisma, energy, new vitality and...
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Dragon Tortoise
for success in businessThe Dragon Tortoise combines the courage of the Heavenly Dragon with the steadfastness of the Earthly Tortoise. Promotes vitality and success in commercial pursuits. Facilitates smooth progress in all of one’s undertakings and helps overcome obstacles of...
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Gift of Gold - Dragon Tortoise
In the Chinese culture, wearing gold jewelry is believed to bring lots of good luck. And when the item includes auspicious symbols in the design, then the luck is multiplied. Wear an auspicious symbol in 18K gold to maximize your good fortune....
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Luo Han Sitting on Dragon Tortoise
For career success To help overcome all bad energies that afflicts the world. It helps brings confidence and alleviate anxiety and worries that this current pandemic brings to everyone and every home. Weight: 735 gramsHeight: 11.5 cmLength: 9 cmWidth: 5...
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