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Wealth Tree with Mongoose and 6 Birds
This wealth tree with golden ingots and jewels at its base comes with the wealth-spouting mongoose bringing plenty of new prosperity your way, while the 6 birds in its branches bring countless opportunities from near and far. Display in the...
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Golden Rat Holding Coin with "Your Luck Has Arrived"
This Golden Rat holding a coin with auspicious Chinese calligraphy ‚ÄúYOUR WEALTH HAS ARRIVED‚ÄĚ. Of the 12 signs, the Rat is said to be the most flexible, adaptable and able to make a living no matter what the circumstance. It...
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Golden Money Tree
This beautiful Golden Money Tree was created to activate the auspicious positive energy brought by the Prosperity Star #8. Display in the wealth sector (Northeast for 2022) of your home or office or on your work desk to invite in wealth and...
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