Auspicious Business Commencement Date Selection



We offer a service where we provide a selection of auspicious dates and times for getting business commencement. Using the dates and times of birth of the persons involved, we will best select dates that are most auspicious and thus provide the best possible results.

For starting a new business, we will require the dates and times of birth of all company owners together with the address of the new office / shop. Pre-opening rituals will be provided to ensure your business will start smoothly and to ensure success.

What we provide

You will be give a 4 - 6 page report that covers that includes personalizedĀ rituals suitable for commencement of business based on the date of birth given. Selection of dates will cover a 2 months period for your own selection. Dates will be categorizedĀ as most auspicious, moderately auspicious, neutral dates as well as dates you MUST AVOID USING.

The report will be emailed to you in within 10 business days.

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