Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet (a.k.a Commanding Star Amulet)


The JADE EMPEROR maximises luck from the heavens, and brings imperial auspiciousness in all your undertakings. Carry this royal amulet to attract support from powerful and influential people, the qui ren in your life and let it bring you excellent rapport with superiors, bosses, investors and business associates.

This amulet manifests MENTOR LUCK, which attracts into your life someone powerful and influential who will open doors to success for you. This amulet also brings help from the heavens and is strongly recommended for:

  • anyone climbing the career ladder,
  • dealing with bureaucracy,
  • or vulnerable to those in positions of power.

Having the Jade Emperor on your side ensures that anyone who wields any kind of power over you will provide you with support and stay on your side.

Weight: 45 grams
Height: 11 cm
Length: 4.5 cm
Make: Metal

Customer Reviews

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Handsome and well crafted.

Great detail. Nice coloring. A real door opener in conversational moments.

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