Wealth Wallet with Wealth-Spouting Mongoose in Silver

US$79.97 US$39.99

There is auspicious power in the annual ritual of renewing your wallet with a new one and then adding old and new notes into the new wallet. This year's wealth wallet features the WEALTH MONGOOSE spouting jewels, the constant companion of Tibetan Wealth Gods. It also features the wishfulfilling mantra concealed within and comes in two colours - white gold and yellow gold.

Designed as slim as possible, this wallet is lightweight and can hold plenty of notes! It has a side zipper for your credit card and receipts, and a tassel for easy zipping. Get in both colours to separate different currencies when you travel or have one for big notes and one for small notes. These also makes elegant, indulgent and super auspicious angpow packets to give to your children and those closest to you during the Chinese New Year.

Weight: 45 grams
Height: 10 cm
Length: 19.5 cm
Make: PU

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