Singing Bowl Made Of 7 Metals

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This singing bowl is made of a laminate of 7 kinds of metals, joined together using an ancient process in Tibet. This makes it resonate with a distinctive tone that is joyful to the ear and extremely effective for cleansing any space.

The vibrations that it emits when gently rubbed with the wooden mallet is the perfect solution to loosen and remove any negativity in the home.

This bowl is also suitable for cleaning and energizing natural crystal bracelets, imbuing them with a fresh aura and vibration of good luck.

To make it sing, place the cushion with the bowl on the palm of your left hand, and with your right, gently tap the rim 3 times with the wooden mallet. After that, stroke the outside rim of the singing bowl with the wooden mallet in a clockwise direction. With sufficient practice, you will have no problem in creating positive vibrations to cleanse your home.

Singing Bowl (Small):
Weight: 545 grams
Height: 7.5 cm
Diameter: 9.3 cm
Material: 7 Metal

Singing Bowl (Medium):
Weight: 665 grams
Height: 7.5 cm
Diameter: 10.5 cm
Material: 7 Metal

Singing Bowl (Large):
Weight: 1105 grams
Height: 9.5 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Material: 7 Metal
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