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Metal Element Mala with Dorje & Bell + Free Chant a Mantra Booklet
This elemental mala simulates the element of METAL to attract the support of powerful benefactors. It is ideal for ambitious career professionals and entrepreneurs who need to make the right connections in order to succeed. It also attracts the luck...
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Jade Emperor Keychain
for Mentor LuckThis talisman with Jade Emperor features the Qui Ren Amulet, which attracts powerful benefactors and mentors into your life. Often, who you know is as important as what you know. Having the support of the right people with...
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Golden Omani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel
This beautiful Omani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel filled with 100,000 of the mantra of the Compassionate Buddha, Avalokiteshvara, better known to us as the Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin brings the most wonderful compassion energies of this beautiful Buddha into...
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Cowrie Shell Bracelet for Networking Opportunities
Natural quartz is legendary for its qualities of attracting social and professional benefactors. When worn with a cowrie shell, it helps the wearer develop an aura of confidence, making it easy to connect with new friends and engage new people...
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Bejewelled Emerald Boar
The Chinese have always regarded the Boar as one of the luckiest signs in the Zodiac! It is said that any member of the family who is born in the year of the Boar will never run out of food...
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Gift of Gold - 5 Spoked Dorje Earring
In the Chinese culture, wearing gold jewelry is believed to bring lots of good luck. And when the item includes auspicious symbols in the design, then the luck is multiplied. Wear an auspicious symbol in 18K gold to maximize your...
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Bodhisattva for Sheep & Monkey - Vairocana
Vairocana is called the "Great Illuminator" and also a Supreme Buddha, one of the five Diyani Buddhas. He displays the Dharmacakra mudrā which denotes the Dharma Wheel. This is the teaching mudra that celebrates Shakyamuni Buddha's first sermon after attaining...
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Jade Emperor with Sun & Moon Windchime
The Jade Emperor is the heavenly being who rules all the affairs of mankind and provides divine assistance when needed. In 2024, heaven luck is in the Northeast. Activate for supreme good fortune by placing the Jade Emperor holding a...
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Precious Queen Keychain
The Precious Queen represents powerful, auspicious matriarchal energy. She protects against emotional negativities and bad judgement calls and ensures high levels of success. This amulet ensures that all decisions and actions taken by you will be in accordance to the...
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Painting of the 100 Auspicious Birds (Print)
In feng shui, birds are powerful symbols of new opportunities even during times of adversity. Colourful birds such as the crimson peacock attracts prosperity and abundance. Doves and other small birds indicate good news and happy occasions coming to your...
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Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman for Mentor Luck
This Nobleman Gui Ren Amulet brings powerful mentors and benefactors into your life. In 2024, the heavenly luck #6 star flies into theĀ Northeast sector. Display this in the NortheastĀ of your home, or on your work desk in front of you,...
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3 Great Emperors on Horseback
These 3 famous Emperors on horseback represent windfall luck from the heavens and attract benefactor and mentor luck. In 2024, place in the East or Northwest. You can also place on your work desk to attract mentor and networking luck...
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Golden Tara, Goddess of Wealth
This Golden Tara is the wishfulfilling Goddess who multiplies merit and auspicious qualities. Her blessings is what gives rise to having a good life, blessed with abundant wealth, food, health, friends, workers and good timing. Chant her mantra when you...
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Gui Ren Windchime
ThisĀ beautiful Qui Ren windchimeĀ is designed to activate the auspicious positive energy brought by the Heavenly Star #6. ItĀ harnesses the support of the Jade Emperor to bring powerful mentors and benefactors into your life.Ā The heavenly star brings excellent support from the...
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Nobleman Star Talisman
to attract powerful mentorsAppearing as a hidden star, it brings mentor luck and generous benefactors into oneā€™s life. When its energies are harnessed, it shines a spotlight on oneā€™s skills and expertise, and attracts the patronage of influential people. Challenges...
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