9 Dragon Plaque in Royal Blue


for new and long-lasting wealth

2024 marks the start of the new Period of 9. That this new period begins in a Dragon Year is a most auspicious indication. Usher in long-lasting good fortune with this plaque featuring 9 Dragons, to harness the incredible power of 9. Set against a royal blue colour to symbolize Water energy to balance the Fire of the new period. Water is also the element that is missing from the 2024 chart, as well as the element that symbolizes wealth this year.

Place in the Southwest to activate the #9 star here, which is new Star of Current Prosperity and the star of magnified good fortune.   

Weight: 285 grams
Height: 4.7 cm
Length: 19.5 cm
Make: Metal

Customer Reviews

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I adore this piece.

Great craftsmanship. Lots of bling, lots of lacquer in the blue spaces. Reflects and dazzles as a luxurious and elegant work of art. A must have.

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