4 Seasons Carpet with Mystic Knot

Size :

RED CARPET to bring wealth luck into the home

Display this carpet in your home to attract WEALTH LUCK. The colour RED is particularly powerful for attracting prosperity luck this coming year. This carpet is decorated with the Mystical Knot in the center and surrounded trees of the 4 seasons to attract eternal happiness and success luck to your home.

This red carpet is the best antidote against the #3 hostility star. Place wherever the #3 star has flown to. The hostile star #3 has flown to the Southeast (2023). You can also place this carpet where the monthly #3 star flies to  especially if you find you are arguing with others more, or if people are for no reason making life difficult for you, or if you are going through legal problems or court cases.

The carpet will be folded and you may find creases on the carpet when you received it. Over time and within normal use on the floor, the carpet creases should come out naturally.

Weight: 2000 grams
Height: 100 cm
Length: 160 cm
Make: Polyester

Weight: 565 grams
Height: 60 cm
Length: 90 cm
Make: Polyester

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