5 Elements Balancing Bag Charm Hanging

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to bring year's energies back into perfect balance

To quickest route to good feng shui is when the energies that surround us are in perfect balance. When element energies are unbalanced or out of sync, obstacles can arise and things can go wrong. These 5 charms representing the 5 elements feature the Element Balancing Amulet and the wish-fulfilling mantra to neutralise any zodiac clashes and to replace missing elements in the year's Paht Chee. Clip these delightful charms onto your handbag to make a bold fashion statement, but more than that, to unlock your full potential no matter what the external environment.

Weight: 85 grams
Length: 26.0 cm
Charm Diameter: 2.5 cm - 3.5 cm
Make: Alloy

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