8mm Black Onyx Mala + Free Chant A Mantra Booklet

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Black Onyx is used for grounding, protection, and self-control, and as a shield against negative energy. It also enhances discipline, helping to follow through on your goals and in completing tasks. Black onyx has a calming quality, which can be beneficial when you face challenging emotions such as grief or anxiety. Black onyx also helps to balance yin and yang. It helps us to feel centered, make wise decisions, and get to the root cause of issues. It can assist with logical thinking, as well as intuitive receptivity. Black onyx can give us the strength to look within ourselves, to understand the past, present, and future, and to take charge of our lives going forward.

This mala is strung with 108 Black Onyx beads, two Omani prayer wheel charms, and a gold-plated Dorje & Bell. 

This mala is ideal for chanting the mantra of Manjushri. One of the oldest and most significant bodhisattva, his blessings enhances concentration, improves intelligence and enhances success. He brings clear thinking and improves strategic thinking during economic downturns by ensuring that you always make the right decision. 

His mantra is “OM AH RAPA TSA NA DHI”.

  • Comes with instructions on how to consecrate your Mala before use.

  • Comes in a soft cloth pouch.

Care instructions: Malas become sacred objects when used regularly for chanting mantras. Once a month during the full moon, you can clean your mala using a clean, damp cloth that is dedicated just for cleaning your malas.

Weight: 95 grams
Length: 50 cm
Material: Black Onyx Beads 

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Lilian Webber

Beautiful and sacred!🙏🕉️

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