Malachite Mala with Wu Lou For Health & Longevity Of Success (8MM Beads) + Free Chant A Mantra Booklet


This mala comes with 108 green Malachite beads, two Omani Prayer wheel charms, a Cloisonné Wu Lou charm and a gold-plated Dorje & Bell. Green Malachite encourages personal growth while the Wu Lou is a symbol of good health and prosperity.

The perfect mala for chanting the mantra of the Goddess Green Tara, known also as the Swift Liberator, as she comes to your aid almost instantly when you call on her for help. Invoking Green Tara liberates your mind from all obscurations, allowing you to see the best path forward.

Her mantra is “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha”.

  • With instructions on how to consecrate your Mala before you start using it.
  • Comes with a soft mala pouch.

Care instructions: Malas become sacred objects when used regularly for chanting mantras. Once a month during the full moon, you can clean your mala using a clean, damp cloth dedicated just for cleaning malas.

Weight: 140 grams
Length: 51 cm
Make: Malachite Beads

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