Activating Prosperity Tree


Another wonderful wealth enhancer for the North (2024) is the Activating Prosperity Tree. Wealth trees always represent growth, thus are perfect for energizing the Lap Chun energies of the year, and this year's specially designed tree comes adorned with many different symbols of good fortune.

It features the Money Bag to attract wealth, the Mystic Knot for wealth to last, the Horseshoe and Clover for hope and luck, the Pot of Gold to denote asset wealth growing, and the Wish-fulfilling Jewel to make all your wishes come true.

This abundant tree filled with so many different angles of good fortune is a fabulous enhancer to signify wealth in its widest sense wealth that brings happiness, that brings power, that brings victory and that can last. At the base of the tree are the words Tai Kat Tai Ley which means Big Fortune, Big Advantage coming in a big way.

The charms are packed separately. Hang them on the Prosperity Tree to activate the wealth luck for 2024.

Weight: 800 grams
Height: 17 cm
Length: 17 cm
Width: 6.7 cm
Make: Metal

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