Anti-Jealousy Triple Dorje Bracelet

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Having difficulties getting things done? Are jealous friends causing obstacles that prevent you from getting promotion and recognition? This beautiful peridot and jade bracelet channels the green energies of the Goddess TARA bringing success in all your pursuits and reduces jealousy vibes directed at you. The three dorje ornaments brings constant protection from the Triple Gems. Wear it daily to remove obstacles blocking your success potential and increase your abilities to get recognized and loved for your work!

Care instructions: This bracelet is strung with jade glass beads, peridot glass beads and three chrome-gold-plated Dorje ornaments. Fastenings are made from a rhodium-plated brass alloy to reduce allergic reactions. Prolonged exposure to sweat and perfume may tarnish the finish of the charm and fastenings. Polish with a jewellery-polishing cloth periodically to maintain the shine and cleanliness of your bracelet. Keep in a sealed jewellery pouch or box when not in use.

Weight: 22 grams
Diameter: 6 cm (Stretchable)
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