Astrology Animals on Wishfulfiling Pillars

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Exquisitely crafted in the five element colours and ornamented with auspicious symbols and jewels, these pillars open up to reveal a special compartment in which to hold your wish. Write your wish on a scroll and place within the pillar.

The pillars come in 5 colours (see below for remaining 4 colours), and you can choose from any of the 12 horoscope animals. Display your own animal sign with your astrological allies, secret friend and astrological soulmate to attract the luck of helpful allies and powerful mentors and benefactors.

For family harmony, unity and togetherness, display the animal signs of your family members.

Weight: 20 grams
Height: 10.3 cm
Length: 3.0 cm
Width: 3.0 cm
Make: Metal

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Si Hao Tan

Good product quality

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