Bejewelled Virudhaka - The Guardian of The South

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The Guardian of the South is the Ruler of the Winds. He holds a sword to cut through any dangers and he protects your life force. He keeps you safe from all forms of harm and ill health. This Heavenly King is particularly suited to help those born under the signs of Snake, Horse or Sheep. Inviting him into the home will also do much to boost those of you with low levels of Life Force according to your element luck chart for the year. If you are often feeling tired, lacking energy or feeling listless or unmotivated, you should invite him into the home. Those prone to getting sick or needing to activate for good health should also invoke his help and blessings.

Invite the four great heavenly kings into your home and they will keep you safe from danger, protect your body speech and mind, and bring you prosperity of the kind that will allow you to do whatever it is you want to do.

Weight: 695 grams
Height: 15 cm
Length: 10 cm
Width: 5.2 cm
Make: Metal

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