Charm Bracelet with Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye, Sun & Moon Bracelet

US$59.97 US$47.98

This bracelet features all the symbols that keep you shielded against gossip, slander and action taken by those jealous of you or in competition with you. The Hamsa Hand protects against betrayal, the Evil Eye protects against jealousy, and the Sun and Moon symbols activate the Lunar and Solar currents of the year.

Together with the powerful seed syllable Hum, wear this bracelet to ensure you do not get betrayed, played out or schemed against.

Perfect for anyone working in a highly political environments or who move in cutthroat or competitive circles.

Care instructionsPlease prevent the jewellery from harsh chemicals like perfumes or hairspray . It is also recommended that you wear the jewellery outside so that it does not touch your skin and get exposed to sweat. Please carefully wipe the jewellery with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth after wear to remove chemicals and oils.

Weight: 5.5 grams
Length: 18 cm
Make: Charm 18K Gold Plated

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