Clear Crystal Faceted Mala (6MM) + Free Chant A Mantra Booklet

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Clear Quartz Crystal is known for its storage and amplification properties, believed to have clarifying properties, absorbing negative energies and transforming them into energies that are more suitable for you. Using this mala regularly when you chant your mantras will empower them with the essence of all the mantras you have chanted.

This mala comes strung with Dorje & Bell, Mystic Knot charms and the seed syllable Hum.

Carry this mala with you in a storage pouch or worn on your wrist to act as a container of positive energy. When you have to meet up with people who are negative in nature, wrap this mala around your left wrist as a bangle to instantly dissolve all negativity.

Care instructions: Malas become sacred objects when you use them regularly for chanting mantras. Keep them in a pouch when not in use. Once a month during the full moon, you may clean your mala using a clean, damp cloth dedicated just for cleaning malas.

Weight: 45 grams
Length: 52 cm
Make: Clear Crystal Faceted Beads

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