Lo Shu Turtle

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Inspired by Feng Shui, Lucy Deslandes art activates and energises your space. With her symbolic and elemental understanding, she has created work which uplifts and promotes a positive vibration. The placement of Lucy's artwork in your home or workspace will initiate these diverse supportive energies.

Around 4,000 years ago a turtle appeared in the river Lo and on its shell were nine clusters of circular markings. The numbers were arranged in such a way that each line added up to 15. The markings on the back of the turtle were in fact a magic square. This square is used as a basis for all flying star feng shui and this turtle is particularly auspicious.

The earth energy represented in this print suggests it would be well placed in the North-east, South-west, West and North-western walls. It also offers strength and support if placed behind you at your desk. 

  • This print will be gently rolled into a postal tube for their protection.
  • All paintings are produced on-demand and will be on its way to you within 3 - 4 business days

Weight: 300 - 800 grams

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