Daktar - The Hooking Wand of Abundance and Prosperity + Free Chant A Mantra Read A Sutra Booklet

US$119.97 US$107.97

This powerful wand of prosperity is used for the powerful spiritual feng shui ritual of attracting abundance, prosperity and wealth. It should be placed on one's altar next to the wealth deity Dzambhala, Vasudhara or King Gesar or placed in the highest point of the house. Each Daktar has been carefully manufactured according to special lineage instructions. The Datar is also used to perform the "hooking abundance" prayer which attracts 60 types of wealth and charismatic blessings into one's home.

To learn step by step on how to use the magical hook of wealth and abundance, click here.

Weight: 135 grams
Height: 78 cm
Width: 4 cm
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